Autumn Is Season For Bicycle Safety

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The nice cooler autumn weather brings ideal weather for bicycling, especially in Florida where it is usually too hot and humid to enjoy recreational cycling. Safety is a paramount concern for bicyclists given our crowded streets and heavy traffic.

Everyone knows you should wear a bicycle helmet, but helmets won’t keep you from having an accident while cycling. To avoid an accident in the first place, bicycle enthusiasts should obey the rules of the road. The best way for them to stay safe is to behave as if they were driving a vehicle, obeying the same rules of the road. Don’t drive on sidewalks or against traffic. Obey traffic lights and stop signs. Signal your turns, and yield to pedestrians. Be in control of you bicycle at all times, slowing for intersections and blind spots. Be situationally aware for sudden obstructions or violations of your right of way. “Drive” defensively.

Be sure your bike has reflectors on the wheels and under the seats.  Attach a headlight to handlebars and use it, day and night.  Wear bright or reflective clothing.

Have a great autumn season bicycling!  Be safe!