Celebrating 10 Years of Colling Gilbert Wright Carter

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

This month, all of our team members are marking their calendars in anticipation of a very big milestone. On February 21, our law firm turns 10 years old!

Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter is proud to continue providing exceptional representation for victims of personal injury into a second decade. Members of our firm have legal experience extending back more than 30 years, but 2015 marks the first time all of us have been able to celebrate double-digits as a team.

The past 10 years have brought their fair share of victories and challenges, but our commitment to plaintiffs and their families has never wavered. Though we are based in Orlando, Florida, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter has a national reputation for compassionate, effective advocacy in states across the country.

Our attorneys have earned our clients hundreds upon millions of dollars in favorable verdicts and settlements. We have also tried an enormous variety of cases, including but not limited to:

To commemorate our 10-year anniversary, we would like to thank all of the clients who trusted Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter to represent their best interests and pursue compensation on their behalf. We would also like to thank our friends and family, as well as the Orlando community for years of support.