Choose Your Doctor Carefully

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

If you’re ill or injured in an accident, chances are you’ll need to seek medical care. Don’t assume that all doctors are the same or good at their profession. There are all kinds, just like in all professions and trades. Research your doctor. Ask friends and relatives for a recommendation. Check with your attorney, too, because some doctors refuse to cooperate if you have a legal dispute connected to your injury and without their cooperation and testimony, your attorney will have an uphill battle proving your case. Check online reviews of your doctor and his group. Make sure you know what kind of doctor you’re hiring to treat you. You may need him or her not only for treatment but for help in your legal case or with your insurance coverage. Don’t get stuck with a doctor who is afraid to “get involved” when you need them most in court. But above all, be sure you are treated by a doctor with a great reputation for quality care.