Does Your Home Have Sinkhole Damage?

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Some signs of sinkhole damage are obvious, like a large or developing cavity or hole on your property. Some signs are less obvious. Recognizing the signs of sinkhole damage can be important. If you wait too long to report your claim to your homeowners insurance company, you may lose valuable rights under your insurance policy to compensate you for damage, repairs, and loss of your home’s value.  Some of the less obvious signs of sinkhole damage include the following:

  • Separations or deep cracks in concrete driveways or sidewalks
  • Depressions in your yard or street
  • Cracks in your home’s exterior blocks or stucco
  • Cracks around interior doors, windows, or joints inside your home
  • Doors or windows that have become hard to open or close over time due to apparent misalignment
  • Sediment in your home’s water
  • Dead or wilting patches of plants or grass
  • Sinkhole activity on neighboring property

If you believe your home may have sinkhole damage, call CGWC for a free consultation.  We represent clients on homeowners’ claims for sinkhole, storm, and fire damage.