You Dont Have Forever

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Accident in your family?  You probably have a lot on your plate.  Dealing with doctors’ visits, bills, lost time on the job, and the pressures of lost income.  The first thing on your mind is surviving the next day, not spending the time to select and hire a lawyer.  But you need to know that you don’t have forever.  Florida’s statutes of limitations laws prevent you from waiting.  If you wait too long and the statute of limitations on your case expires, you lose no matter how right you are.  Some statutes of limitations in personal injury and wrongful death cases in Florida are as short as two years.

Of course, the fact is there is an even better reason you should not wait.  Every day, indeed every minute, that passes without hiring your own lawyer is a day or minute that evidence is lost.  Witnesses memories fade.  Physical evidence like skid marks at the scene of an automobile accident or parts of a dangerous product that failed disappear.  Witnesses move away.  You make choices that can’t be changed.  Choices that an experienced lawyer might find bad ones for your legal rights.  There are real practical reasons why you need an experienced trial lawyer as soon as possible after an accident.  Those reasons center around one primary purpose:  to protect your rights and your family from the legal ramifications of a serious accident.

So, don’t wait.  You don’t have forever.  Call us for a free legal consultation about your legal rights.