Fans Injured in Horrific NASCAR Crash at Daytona

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This Saturday at the Daytona Speedway, over 30 people were injured when a multi-car crash in the final laps of a NASCAR race sent large chunks of a vehicle flying into the grandstand. At least two of the fans were in critical condition as they were taken to area hospitals, but the latest reports thankfully indicate that all of the spectators survived this tragic incident. The “catch-fence” that was sheared open, allowing the tires and engine parts to rain down on paying spectators, was welded shut, and fans were seated in the same area the next day for the Daytona 500. ESPN reported that Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR’s vice-president, says the organization will conduct a complete investigation “to determine if safety changes are needed.” With at least 14 NASCAR fans sitting in area hospitals after spending a Saturday at the races, it is difficult to say what further information NASCAR needs to make that determination. This is by no means the first time that fans have been injured while watching NASCAR races, and over the years several fans have been killed in similar incidents. We are thankful that all of those involved on Saturday escaped with their lives.

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