FDA Discovers More Contamination at NECC

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As the investigation into the nationwide fungal meningitis outbreak continues, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter continue to monitor all legal and medical developments so we can properly represent the interests of dozens of our clients who received tainted steroid injections. The most recent development comes from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which continues to test products from both NECC and their larger “sister company”, Ameridose. The FDA has found contaminants in more drugs from NECC, which is not altogether surprising after the inspection of the Framingham, MA facility proved that the conditions at NECC were filthy. The recent FDA findings involve specific lots of betamethasone and triamcinolone which were contaminated with as-yet unidentified fungi, and as many as three separate strains of bacteria.

It has also become clear that fungal meningitis is not the only risk presented by the tainted steroid injections, as patients around the country develop fungal bone infections, epidural abscesses, arachnoiditis and other serious health problems. As our firm continues to aggressively pursue our clients’ legal claims, we are also very concerned about the seemingly still-unknown magnitude of the health crisis created by the tainted drugs distributed by NECC. This company seems to have been caught in similar violations many times in the past, and various failures of regulatory oversight have let them continue operating with little or no discipline. The size of the current health crisis makes clear how tragic those missed opportunities in the past have been.

Now with over 30 people dead, and over 400 around the country suffering from fungal meningitis and other infections, the NECC may finally be in for a dose of the accountability for which they are long overdue. If you or a loved one received tainted steroid injections, call us or visit us online at www.thefloridafirm.com for a free consultation.