FDA Warns of Potential Damage To Your Eyes This Halloween

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Halloween is almost here, and kids and grown-ups alike will be enjoying the beautiful fall weather in costumes designed to frighten, thrill and amuse. But the FDA wants you to know that one night of costumed trick-or-treating is not worth risking a lifetime of eye damage. The FDA’s warning is about the possible dangers of cosmetic contact lenses. Sometimes called “fashion”, “color”, or “decorative” contacts, these are the contacts that turn a green-eyed person’s eyes purple or yellow. They also can look like cat’s eyes, solid white eyeballs, zombie eyes, or nearly anything else imaginable. The playful look of these products makes them seem like toys, or like simple accessories for your Halloween costume.

They are not toys.

Decorative contact lenses of any description are considered medical devices and are overseen by the FDA.You should not buy them at flea markets, costume shops, thrift stores or novelty stores, and you should not buy them without a prescription. Just like normal contact lenses, these products could cause serious damage to your eyes if not used properly. The FDA recommends that you get a prescription and follow all safety recommendations to avoid potentially serious eye problems. Having funny or scary-looking eyes for one night is not worth risking the health of your eyes. If you plan on wearing cosmetic contacts, get a prescription and use all precautions that you would with normal contact lenses, to protect your eyes from potential infection or damage.