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Five Super Healthy Foods For Kids

Five Super Healthy Foods For Kids

It’s not new news that our country is struggling in the fight against obesity. But the saddest news is that we’re bringing our kids along with us into that danger zone. As adults learn new ways to eat smarter, we must also provide healthy options for our children while teaching them to make better food choices-before it’s too late.

Practice makes perfect, right? One goal is to continue to refine your shopping habits. So each time you go grocery shopping for the family, focus on the fab four: vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meats. Here are five more super-healthy, kid-approved items to keep on your list:

Oatmeal. The real kind. It’s got whole grain and fiber, so it keeps kids fuller longer, which helps you avoid feeding them the processed “filler” snacks. Add some honey, raisins or berries on top.

Eggs. Again, this breakfast food is packed with protein to keep kids satisfied longer throughout the morning. Many eggs now contain DHA, too, which is important for brain development. Think outside the scramble: soft-boiled eggs, egg-white omelets with veggies or egg “wraps” on whole wheat.

Berries. Go for the dark ones like blueberries, which pack in tons of antioxidants in addition to vitamins. Keep kids interested by adding a little whipped topping to mixed berries as a healthier dessert, or throw a bunch of berries into a smoothie for an afternoon treat.

Avocado. This well-rounded, versatile fruit works like a veggie and is loaded with monosaturated fats-the “good” kind-for growing bodies. Spread it on sandwiches, make guacamole, or halve the avocado and let kids scoop from the mini “bowl.”

Nuts. Whether they’re raw or in the form of butters, nuts are another good-fat food that are easy to handle and keep kids content. If you’re on PB&J overload, mix things up with walnut-based trail mix or natural high-protein nut-based spread like almond or cashew.

Need some more ideas for inspired snacks between meals. Try these:

1. Low-sugar or Greek yogurt with toppings of your choice.
2. Roasted garbanzo beans. Add a spice if the kids will go for it.
3. Mashed sweet potato (microwaved) with a sprinkle of cinnamon.
4. Hand-popped, low-salt popcorn.
5. Ants on a log: Banana with nut butter and raisins on top.

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