Florida Bans Texting While Driving

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In case you missed it during the hectic legislative ruckus, texting while driving is now illegal in Florida.  A first violation is a non-moving offense, and a second violation within five year is a moving offense.  Moving offenses result in fines and points.  Florida joins 39 other states that ban testing while driving.  The fines and penalties are modest, but it is a first step toward making the roads safer and at least setting down the rules of the road and the proper example, especially for young drivers heading off to proms and graduation celebrations.

Sit down with the young drivers in your home and educate them about this new law.  Enter into a written family agreement committing to no texting while driving.  Make Central Florida’s roads safer.  No text is so important that you should sacrifice your safety or the safety of others by texting behind the wheel.