Florida Highway Patrol Cell Phone Tips

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At the moment, it is still legal to use a cell phone while driving in Florida. It is even currently permissible to text while driving in Florida. Of course, this doesn’t mean it is smart. The Florida Highway Patrol sees its share of needless accidents, and so do we. That’s why we advise against using your cell phone for talking or texting while driving. The Florida Highway Patrol agrees. The Florida Highway Patrol has issued tips on cell phone usage while driving. These tips include the following:

  • Make Driving Your First Priority: If you need to make or take a call, pull over.
  • Keep Your Eyes On The Road: If you must take or make a call while on the road, NEVER EVER take your eyes off the road. Not even for a second. Wait until you are at a stop light or pause in traffic before dialing, even if you are using speed dial.
  • Be Prepared: This means being prepared by using a speed dial system and a hands free system. Never take notes or look for phone numbers while driving.
  • Limit Conversation: Your main task must always be to drive your car safely. Don’t have lengthy conversations or conversations about emotional or stressful topics that result in distracting you from this task. Keep conversations brief and to the point.
  • Use Common Sense: Don’t use your cell phone when it is not safe, such as during especially heavy traffic, during a storm, or under any other hazardous conditions.

So, whether or not it is against the law, the best advice is that you should never use your cell phone while driving.