Former Employee of Florida Hospital Arrested By FBI

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Recently a former employee of Florida Hospital was arrested after an FBI investigation that allegedly revealed he had accessed over 700,000 patient records improperly. News media reports say he then sold their information to someone who then sold the information allegedly to lawyers or chiropractors hoping to drum up business for themselves. Of course, all of this is highly unethical and illegal. Patients are entitled to the maintenance of the confidentiality of their protected health information and records under both federal (HIPAA) law and state law, and these 700,000 patients may have causes of action for breach of their privacy rights. They are also subject to identity theft and may be entitled to damages for the cost of protecting their identities from theft. They should consult with attorneys about their rights and take the steps necessary to protect themselves. Criminal prosecution of anyone involved will not protect these patients’ privacy and the security of their identity.