Gas Explosion in Escambia County Booking Facility Kills Two, Injures 100

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Late last night, an explosion at the Escambia County Central Booking Facility killed two people and left more than 100 injured. At this early stage, the cause of what appears to be an enormous gas explosion has yet to be determined. Escambia county and other areas of the Gulf coast had been dealing with torrential rainstorms and flash flooding over the two days prior. Guards, other facility employees, and prisoners were injured in this tragic explosion. The two confirmed deaths were both inmates at the facility. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who were involved in this tragic event. Very little information has come out about the cause of the explosion, or the names of those injured in the blast.

Our law firm has experience investigating large gas explosions, and a track record of great success in pursuing personal injury claims for people injured and killed by such explosions. We have reached settlements for amounts in the tens of millions of dollars for people injured in explosions. We know from experience that the most important first step to building such a case is to immediately begin a thorough investigation of how it happened. Often, we find that such tragic events were in fact preventable. If you or a loved one was affected by this tragic explosion in Escambia County Central Booking, call Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter to discuss your potential legal claims. Let our experience investigating similar explosions, and our expertise in representing serious injury claims, go to work for you.