GM Recall A Reminder Of The Importance Of Trial Lawyers

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Last month GM recalled 1.6 million vehicles with faulty ignition switches that caused some traffic crash deaths.  Do you know what led to that recall?  Was it a government agency investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Consumer Products Safety Commission?  Was it the result of an investigation by Congress?  Was it an employee with a guilty conscience who blew the whistle to a hungry news reporter?  No, it was none of those.  You can thank a trial lawyer for investing his own money and time in digging up documents and putting reluctant witnesses on the hot seat of rigorous deposition questioning that took years of planning.  You can thank a trial lawyer for revealing what amounted to a coverup of a faulty ignition switch that had apparently caused several deaths. You can thank a trial lawyer for forcing a top GM engineer to admit that they had known about the faulty ignition switch for years before the recall.  You can thank a trial lawyer for proving that a GM engineer even told the company that a service bulletin issued in 2005 wasn’t enough to protect consumers, but GM still declined to issue a recall, warn customers of the dangers of the faulty switch, or report the defect to the proper authorities.  In fact, you can thank a trial lawyer preventing more deaths from this defective ignition switch.

When will Americans learn that the national pastime of bashing trial lawyers with mostly false propaganda spread by big business, big health care, and the insurance industry is a fool’s errand?  One of the few friends everyday Americans have left is the American trial lawyer paid on a contingency fee arrangement.  The next time you hear someone bashing trial lawyers or frivolous lawsuits, think about the GM recall and how many lives were saved in 2014.

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