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Under Florida’s new No Fault Automobile Insurance law, hiring a lawyer immediately after an accident is more important than ever. You don’t have the luxury to wait anymore. You have to hire an attorney to help you navigate our rights under your own insurance policy within days following the accident. Why?

Under the new No Fault Law enacted at the urging of Governor Rick Scott, you need to seek specific types of medical care and treatment within the first 14 days after an accident, or you lose thousands of dollars in medical insurance benefits provided by your own automobile insurance. Medical insurance benefits that you already paid a premium for. During those 14 days, if you seek medical care anywhere other than a hospital, your medical insurance benefits are automatically reduced from $ 10,000 to $ 2,500. If you wait 14 days before seeking medical care, you lose your medical insurance benefits entirely, even though you’ve already paid a premium for the full $ 10,000 in medical benefits.

At The Florida Firm, we see Central Florida Automobile accidents every day that don’t result in hospital care immediately. Often, victims feel shaken and sore, but they think they’ll get over it. After all, they’re just bruised up. Then, they notice that over the next couple of weeks their pain isn’t getting better, it is actually getting worse. They seek medical care. Then they call us. Under this new law, they have called us too late, and they have already lost their valuable medical insurance benefits under their Florida No Fault coverage. We can still help, hopefully, recover insurance benefits under other automobile insurance coverages, such as the other driver’s liability insurance or the victim’s uninsured motorist coverage, but the medical benefits are gone forever.

Injured in a Central Florida automobile accident? Don’t wait. Call CGWC today for a free consultation NOW! Don’t give up your rights under your insurance policy.