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How Can a Lawyer Help To Win Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you have questions about filing for Social Security disability benefits, you are not alone. You also are not alone in wondering what a lawyer can do to help. Filing for benefits isn’t easy, and most people have their claims denied the first time around.

The Orlando Social Security Disability attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright are committed to helping our clients file for SSDI benefits correctly. Filing for social security disability benefits can be complicated and difficult. We can help ensure that you avoid common mistakes and obtain what you deserve.

7 Ways a Lawyer Can Help with Your Social Security Disability Claim

Hiring an experienced lawyer to assist with your application can reduce your risk of a denial. It can also help put you in the best position to file a successful appeal if necessary. Here are seven specific ways a lawyer can help you win Social Security disability benefits: 

1. Assessing Your SSDI and SSI Eligibility

Before you put in the time and effort to file for Social Security disability benefits, it is important to assess your eligibility. There are two main types of Social Security disability benefits, each of which has different eligibility criteria: (i) Social Security disability insurance (SSDI), and (ii) supplemental security income (SSI). 

Your lawyer can determine if you are eligible to file one or both types of claims—taking into account factors including (but not limited to) the nature of your disability and your current income. Based on this determination, your lawyer can then advise you regarding the best way to move forward. 

2. Making Sure You Fill Out All Paperwork Correctly 

When filing for Social Security disability benefits, it is extremely important to fill out all paperwork correctly. The Social Security Administration (SSA) strictly enforces the SSDI and SSI filing requirements, and it routinely denies applications that are missing information or that have technical deficiencies. 

3. Collecting the Required Medical Evidence 

When you file for Social Security disability benefits, the SSA doesn’t simply take you at your word. Instead, it requires evidence of your disability. Your lawyer can help you collect all of the medical evidence that is required, and your lawyer can assist you with obtaining additional medical evidence if necessary. 

4. Helping You Avoid Common Mistakes that Lead to Denials

There are many mistakes you can make that will result in the denial of your claim for Social Security disability benefits. Your lawyer can help you understand what not to do when filing for benefits, and your lawyer can take many of the most important steps on your behalf. This way, you won’t have to worry that something you did (or didn’t do) is the reason why you aren’t receiving the benefits to which you are legally entitled. 

5. Calculating Your Social Security Disability Benefits 

Several factors play a role in determining how much you are entitled to receive in Social Security disability benefits. When filing for benefits, it is important to make sure you know how much you are entitled to receive from the SSA. If you request too much, your claim will almost certainly be denied. If you request too little, you won’t receive the full benefits you deserve. 

If you are receiving workers’ compensation or other benefits, this could impact the calculation of your Social Security disability benefits as well. Your lawyer can help you identify and address all relevant factors so that you seek the correct amount of SSDI benefits, SSI benefits, or both. 

6. Requesting and Preparing for Your Hearing (if Necessary) 

If the SSA denies your initial application for Social Security disability benefits, you may need to request a hearing. You only have a limited amount of time to make your request; and, when your hearing date arrives, you need to be prepared. 

Your lawyer can handle the task of requesting a hearing for you, and your lawyer can walk you through the questions you will likely need to answer. Your lawyer can also help you understand what to expect on the day of your hearing so that you are as comfortable as possible. 

7. Taking Your Social Security Disability Claim to Court (if Necessary) 

Finally, if the efforts to appeal your Social Security disability benefits denial with the SSA are unsuccessful, your lawyer can take your claim to court. At this point, in addition to seeking benefits going forward, your lawyer can also seek the benefits you should have received had the SSA approved your application from the beginning. 

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