Injuries Dont Just Happen

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Most injuries don’t just happen; they are preventable. No matter what you hear on tv and newspapers from loudmouths saying people sue at the drop of a hat because Americans no longer accept responsibility for their own actions, they have it backwards. There are a whole lot of people who don’t accept responsibility for their own actions alright, and they are the people who pay lobbyists millions of dollars a year at both state and federal levels doing everything they can to enact laws or regulations that allow them to escape responsibility for their actions…actions that cause you injuries and financial losses when you are injured or your home or other property or assets damaged. Make no mistake about it. Every year individuals lose more ground in the very place the founding fathers meant to be the great leveler…the American courtroom. The American courtroom and the right to trial by jury, even in civil cases, was a lynchpin of American democracy that has already been whittled to a nub. Trial attorneys can help, but if the public doesn’t wake up and force businesses and people to take responsibility and be held accountable when they harm others, American democracy will be lost, and with it, the middle class and individual rights.