Insurance Company Giving You The Runaround?

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Is an insurance company giving you the runaround? Insurance companies are in the business of giving customers and legitimate claimants the runaround on valid claims…denying claims, delaying payment, lowballing with settlement offers, etc. You may have a claim against the insurance company for another driver who was at fault in an automobile accident; you may have a life insurance company refusing to pay benefits of a recently deceased relative; or you may have a homeowners or business insurance policy denying a property damage or business loss claim. Whatever the reason an insurance company is giving you the runaround, there is only one answer to your problem. You need an attorney experienced in insurance law and insurance claims. Insurance companies employ legions of professional claims analysts and claims adjusters, as well as teams of insurance defense attorneys to make sure you don’t get what you deserve because that’s how they make larger profits…denying claims and lowballing settlement offers.

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