Is Your Lawyer A Pro?

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

Practicing medicine is supposed to be a profession. It is a crime to practice medicine without a license.  The reason is because the public is vulnerable to serious harm from unscrupulous profiteers who falsely hold themselves out as doctors.  The same is true for many professions.  Practicing law is also a profession.  Practicing law without a license is a crime for the same reasons that it is unlawful to practice medicine without a license.  It is because far too much harm can be done to unsuspecting members of the public by profiteers who are essentially practicing law without a license.  Something very close to this line of conduct is known as the “runner”.  Runners are folks who troll for accident victims and somehow trade their cases to licensed lawyers.  For licensed lawyers to use nonlawyers in this fashion is at once unethical and illegal.  It is also unprofessional.

If you get contacted after an accident by a “runner” or non lawyer about referring your case to a licensed lawyer, you should ask yourself if that lawyer or law firm is ethical and practicing without the bounds of the law.  You should ask yourself if that law firm is professional.  You want a professional by your side when it counts in the courtroom.  How your lawyer gets his clients referred to him is an indicator of how professional he or she will be when it counts.  Hire a pro.