Lake Mary Florida Compounding Pharmacy Products Recalled

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

Balanced Solutions Compounding Pharmacy was one of 30 inspected by the FDA earlier this year on the heels of the shutdown of New England Compounding Corporation in Massachusetts after filthy conditions were found to have likely resulted in an outbreak of fungal meningitis and other serious medical conditions among patients who received NECC medications.  As a result of the inspection at BSCP in Lake Mary, Florida, BSCP voluntarily recalled all lots of its sterile non-expired drug products.  The FDA said its inspection of BSCP found poor practices and conditions which may have exposed the company’s sterile products to microbial contamination.

CGWC represents approximately 50 Florida victims of NECC’s contaminated steroid serum, and we are fully aware of the dangers apparently associated with the use of compounding pharmacy products.  Doctors, clinics, and hospitals should inform patients if they are receiving medications from compounding pharmacies in light of the now well known safety problems identified over the past decade at compounding pharmacies.