Low Speed Crashes: More Extreme Than You Think

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Our Orlando car accident attorney brings you a surprising story. The latest tool for Orlando law enforcement is something you wouldn’t expect—a roller coaster. Dubbed “The Convincer”, it has little in common with the latest attraction at the amusement park. Since a ride lasts only three seconds it has little to offer in the way of thrills, but the cost of admission is free.

The Convincer

The Convincer was developed for use by law enforcement, driving education programs and schools as a powerful tool to demonstrate the importance of using your seatbelt. By simulating a 5 mile per hour crash—like the ones that happen every day in parking lots across the country—it reliably convinces participants to wear their seatbelt any time the car is moving.

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that consistent use of seatbelts reduces the incidence of serious injuries and fatalities by nearly 50 percent.  Even low speed accidents can have serious consequences.

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