Memorial Day: Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

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Every person who joins the armed forces makes great sacrifices for his or her country. However, some sacrifice everything in defense of our nation’s liberty and way of life. On Memorial Day, Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter is proud to join individuals across the United States in saluting the soldiers who laid down their lives, as well as those who returned from their tours of duty.

Happy Memorial Day from Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter

This year marks the centennial of the famous wartime poem “In Flanders Fields.” Composed in 1915 in the midst of World War I, this poem by a Canadian serviceman inspired American humanitarian Moina Michael to start wearing a red poppy in remembrance of fallen soldiers. She also started selling the flower to raise money for those who served.

After being adopted by organizations from the American Legion to groups around the world, the red poppy has since become an international symbol of remembrance for men and women who lost their lives on the battlefield.

No matter how you plan to celebrate Memorial Day, please take a moment to remember the people who gave their lives for our country. Service is a core value embraced by everyone at our Florida law firm, and we thank all of our military men and women for theirs.