Meningitis Cases Now Top 500 Cases

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

The Center For Disease Control announced Monday that the number of meningitis cases from the contaminated steroids produced by New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts has now reached 510 cases nationwide. NECC had shipped 17,000 vials of the contaminated steroid serum to 23 states, including Florida. CGWC represents about 35 patients exposed to the contaminated lots of this steroid. Just last week, because the company had publicly threatened filing for bankruptcy, CGWC and about 7 other law firms hired a Massachusetts bankruptcy law firm to take unprecedented action by filing a petition requesting that a Massachusetts judge appoint a receiver to monitor any transfer of assets, effectively freezing assets until the bankruptcy petition is filed. If you believe that you or a loved one was exposed to these tainted drugs, contact CGWC for a free consultation.