Mercedes-Benz Recalls 10,000 Cars in US

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The German luxury car-maker Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will recall tens of thousands 2015 C-Class vehicles, including about 10,000 in the US, after discovering that the steering on the cars might fail.

So far, actual reports of steering problems have been restricted to cars manufactured for the European market. However, Mercedes-Benz opted for a worldwide recall.

Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter’s Orlando product liability lawyers have seen how defective vehicle parts can devastate lives. These are highly complex and intricate pieces of machinery, and everything must work flawlessly if the car is to operate safely.

According to a Mercedes-Benz spokeswoman, the problem is related to a steering interlock which might not have been said to the locked position after vehicle assembly.

This recall comes on the heel of a larger recall of 250,000 C-Class sedans from 2008-2011. That recall was related to wiring problems in the tail lights that could cause a fire.

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