Muscle Building Supplement May Cause Liver Failure

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The Center for Disease Control has issued an official health advisory regarding OxyELITE Pro dietary supplement sold for weight loss and muscle building.  The CDC is recommending vigilance and reporting of similar occurrences by health departments, health care providers and hospitals when they see episodes of acute hepatitis and sudden liver failure in previously healthy individuals who give a history of taking such dietary supplements.  As a part of a comprehensive evaluation, physicians should inquire about the use of dietary supplements when treating folks with acute hepatitis or liver failure.

If the maker of a dietary supplement fails to warn users of potential side effects like liver failure or hepatitis, they could be legally liable to users who are diagnosed with those conditions after using the supplement.  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with acute hepatitis or liver failure after taking weight loss or muscle building supplements, contact us for free legal advice on your rights against the dietary supplement manufacture and seller.