New Data Reveals Nationwide Backlog in VA Benefits

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A new interactive map (you can link to it here) based on data just made available by the Veterans Administration makes it clear that there is a growing crisis nationwide in the granting of benefits to disabled veterans. In most VA offices around the country, the percentage of new applicants for VA benefits who have been waiting for a year or more for a decision has grown by 90% or more. The attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter have seen first-hand the effect that this backlog is having on veterans in the state of Florida.

Our military men and women make enormous sacrifices to serve our country, and for the past twelve years those sacrifices have often been made in active war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Spending enormous amounts of effort and money preparing young men and women for battle helps us ensure that our armed forces are the most prepared and the most capable in the world. When the members of those forces come home wounded, or sacrifice their lives in the defense of our country, there is no excuse for not finding the necessary resources to accomodate and expedite their re-integration into society. The nationwide backlog of Veterans claims is an embarrassment, and needs to be addressed urgently at the federal level.

If you or a loved one has been denied your service-connected benefits, or have been waiting for a decision from the Veterans Administration on whether your benefits will be granted, call the Florida Firm today for a free consultation.