New Jersey Bakery Places Diabetics and Those with Celiac’s at Risk

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The Butterfly Bakery of Clifton, New Jersey was recently shut down by the FDA for mislabeling their products. The muffins made by Butterfly were available at numerous retailors, potentially reaching thousands of customers. At the heart of the issue is mislabeling, including “sugar free” claims on muffins that had sugar and wheat in muffins that claimed to be “gluten free.”

Many diabetics and people with Celiac Disease have come forward saying they frequently purchased these products and are now shocked to learn how little Butterfly Bakery cared about their health and safety. While this report is making headlines, the truth is many companies that intentionally mislead consumers in an attempt to make a profit fly under the radar until it is too late.

The Orlando product liability attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter understand how dangerous product mislabeling can be. We are prepared to hold negligent and greedy corporations accountable for the damages they cause, and will fight tooth and nail to see that victims of this injustice are compensated appropriately.

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