Parent-Teen Driver Agreements

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Having two teenagers, rather than one, in a car together, increases the likelihood of an accident by a shocking 86%. Three teens increasing the chances of a crash by 182%. But most parents never discuss restrictions or limits on passengers with their teen drivers. Many states have tried to curb teen deaths from automobile accidents by enacting “Graduated Driver Licensing” systems, restricting teen drivers and setting limits on situations in which they are permitted to drive legally. Limits on passengers, for example, are included in such programs which are designed to gradually expose new drivers to complex situations until they are 18 years old. Even if your state doesn’t have a Graduated Driver Licensing law, you can enter into a written parent-teen driving agreement that incorporates some of the country’s best restrictions and guidelines to keep your teen driver safe. Click here for a sample parent-teen driver agreement that your family can use. Visit AAA for more tips on keeping your teen driver safe.