Pay Attention To School Buses This Year!

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel recently, drivers illegally pass school buses thousands of times a day in Central Florida.  This past spring, drivers passed school buses while they were loading or unloading children over 1800 times.  Statewide, bus drivers noted almost 12,000 such illegal overtakings by motorists on the same day.  Remember, we are talking about small children boarding or debarking school buses at pick-up and drop-off during a school year!  We are also talking about illegal overtaking of school buses in Central Florida at a time when it has become known as the one of the most dangerous place in America for pedestrians.  Passing school buses that are stopped for loading and unloading children is against the law.  Even if it wasn’t, it only makes common sense to stop for school buses and watch for children anytime anyplace.

PAY ATTENTION TO SCHOOL BUSES!  Don’t pass stopped buses no matter how many lanes of travel are available.  Children are unpredictable and it is against the law to overtake stopped school buses!