Pedestrian Accidents All Too Common In Orlando Area

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For years, pedestrian accidents have been all too common in the Orlando area. Many times, these accidents are fatal and leave permanently and tragically changed families in their wake. Two accidents just in the last few hours remind us of the dangers pedestrians face on Central Florida roads. A pedestrian was killed in Kissimmee Friday evening when a woman ran off the road killing a man who was just walking with his wife. In another instance, a trucker was killed when he tried to help others who had been in an accident. He was even walking on the shoulder of the road and wearing a reflective vest.

Studies and statistics over and over affirm that Central Florida roads are among the most dangerous in the country for pedestrians. If you or a family member are involved in a pedestrian accident, an automobile accident, an accident another’s property, an on the job accident, or in any other way, know your legal rights. Contact CGWC for a free consultation.