Pharmacuetical Profiteers and Dangerous Prescriptions

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Pharmaceutical companies mass-produce medications and often rake in a large profit. Drugs are produced and put into the mainstream market both to help ailing patients, but also for large companies to profit. Marketing, selling, and prescribing these drugs can all take place before the totality of negative side effects are known. One reason for this is that side effects may take a long time to appear. The unfortunate other reason is that companies purposely keep a blind eye to possible negative side effects so they can continue to make money.

Recent examples of dangerous profit prescriptions are Type 2 Diabetes drugs Januvia and Byetta. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated an investigation on these drugs because of a possible increased likelihood of pancreatic cancer for patients using Januvia and Byetta. Numerous reports went to the FDA regarding instances of pancreatitis in Type 2 diabetics taking these drugs including severe cases that resulted in death.

Questioning the potential danger of these diabetes medications is not a new development. Seven years back, in 2007, the FDA issued an alert because of instances of pancreatitis in patients taking Byetta.  Even with 7 years of concerns and a current investigation, Januvia and Byetta are still being prescribed to Type 2 diabetes patients. The FDA is not yet recalling either drug and has not yet concluded that either drug is a dangerous or defective product. Even if the link between the drugs and pancreatitis is found the FDA may simply increase the information on the warning label.

In one year of sales, the company that produces Januvia made more than $4 billion from the potentially defective drug and another $1.65 billion from selling the sister drug Janumet. Merck, the manufacturing company, faces a great loss if the drug is removed from the market.

We care about your rights. Patients have the right to know the true dangers of the drugs they are prescribed, even when that means a loss for a giant corporation. Contact one of our skilled attorneys to discuss your rights today.