Report Demands More Oversight of Compounding Pharmacies

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Representative Edward Markey of Massachusetts has reportedly released a report chronicling the rise of compounding pharmacies that remix medicines for patients with special needs and the patchwork or regulations applicable to them. As a result of the national meningitis outbreak that originated at New England Compounding Center, a compounding pharmacy in his state, Representative Markey issued a report that “builds a case for stricter FDA authority” over compounding companies and suggests the industry has engaged in an all our effort to evade government oversight.  His report says that unless there is greater authority granted to the FDA, government efforts at reigning in these pharmacies will be “constrained by gaps in regulatory authority and thwarted by an industry that has historically resisted a federal role for the oversight of its activities.”

Even before the meningitis outbreak caused by contaminated medications from NECC, the FDA had recorded at least 23 deaths and 86 illnesses or injuries linked to problematic compounding pharmacy practices.

The FDA has now expanded its investigation of NECC to two more drugs. and Massachusetts has shut down yet another compounding pharmacy over sterility concerns similar o those found at NECC. Meanwhile, the meningitis outbreak of 2012 has spread to a 19th state, with the case count now at 347.

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