Rules Are Important

Representing Orlando, Tampa, Miami and Nearby Areas of Florida

As children, we are taught the importance or rules.  Follow the rules or suffer the consequences.  Do your homework.  Eat your dinner.  Be kind to your sister.  Honor your parents.  Respect your teachers.  Don’t touch the hot stove.  And on and on.  Why were we taught to follow the rules?  Our parents wanted to raise us to be responsible adults.  Responsible adults also follow the rules.  If they don’t, they must live with the consequences.  Don’t run red lights.  Don’t speed.  Don’t text and drive.  Keep your property safe for others your invite to your home or business.  Respect other and their safety.  And if you don’t, you are to be held accountable.  Holding people accountable for breaking the rules is what courtrooms are for.  We no longer get sent to the principal’s office or sent to our room without dinner.  Now, we are adults.  We are held accountable in courts of law.  Rules are important for adults, too.  Don’t break them.  And if you do, own up to it and take responsibility for your mistakes like you were raised to do.