Safety of Florida Seniors At Risk

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Thy safety of Florida’s senior citizens in nursing homes is at risk this legislative session. A pair of “tort reform” bills have been introduced and may glide through as the law of the land with big business in almost total control of Florida’s House, Senate, and the Governor’s mansion. One bill would cap damages that could be awarded to abused elderly at $ 250,000 no matter how badly they were abused or neglected. This would practically eliminate lawsuits for such abuse. Attorneys could not afford to handle abuse and neglect cases on a contingent fee because such cases often cost as much as 50-100,000 dollars in expenses to take to trial. It would be impossible to compensate the abused elder, even if the trial was won handily. The newly proposed laws would also prevent attorneys and their clients from arguing that facilities were understaffed unless they were cited for understaffing, even if there were employees of the nursing home testifying that they observed that the nursing home was understaffed. There are many other absurd provisions limiting seniors’ rights in these bills. Call your legislator and make sure they know that Florida should not be reduced to a hellhole for our seniors, our most vulnerable citizens, in the retirement capitol of the nation.