Signs and Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

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In the United States Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) account for a third of all injury-related deaths. TBIs can occur from an automobile accident, a fall, a sports activity, a trampoline, an intentional assault, a medical error, or work Injury where there is bruising, bleeding or blunt force trauma to the brain. Sometimes a person is not even aware they have a TBI. The effects of a brain injury may happen immediately or may become apparent over time.

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A brain injury may have a spectrum of effects on a person. TBIs have both physical and psychological symptoms.

The physical signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury include:

–        Trouble remembering or concentrating

–        Loss of consciousness

–        Disorientation

–        Dizziness or problems balancing

–        Headaches

–        Nausea or vomiting

–        Light sensitivity

–        Difficult sleeping

–        Sleeping too much

–        A bad taste in the mouth, ear ringing, or other sensory problems

–        Loss of coordination

–        Seizures / convulsions

–        Dilation of the pupils

Psychological signs and symptoms include:

–        Mood changes

–        Agitation or combativeness

–        Slurred speech

–        Severe confusion

–        Denial / lack of awareness

Pay especially close attention to children who may not be able to fully communicate their symptoms. If a young child changes their eating or nursing habits, suddenly has a severe mood shift, or is inconsolable after a trauma to their head contact your child’s doctor right away.

Brain injuries are a serious matter. In some circumstances, when people suffer a traumatic brain injury they may be entitled to compensation under the law.  Most cases involving a TBI are personal injury cases based on “negligence,” which establishes another person’s legal liability for the plaintiff’s injury.

When it comes to a traumatic brain injury lawsuit, you need an attorney with experience who will understand the complexities of such a case and will fight for the most successful outcome. Contact The Florida Firm for a confidential consultation today!