Soliciting Accident Victims Is A Crime

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Have you been in an accident? Afterwards, were you contacted directly by a law firm or a medical clinic? Were you surprised and shocked that this person whom you did not even know was aware of your accident? Was it unseemly to you? Did you hire the attorney or get treatment with the medical clinic? It is actually pretty easy for lawyers to monitor accident databases and identify folks involved in accidents of a variety of types.

You should be aware that legitimate and ethical attorneys do NOT contact accident victims directly to solicit legal or medical cases. It is unethical for attorneys to directly contact accident victims by direct mail for 30 days after an accident, and it is unethical for attorneys to EVER directly contact in person or by phone a potential client of any kind. It is a 3rd degree felony for a lawyer to directly contact an accident victim by phone or in person within 60 days or an accident (Section 817.234, F.S.). Do you want a lawyer who is willing to commit a felony to represent you in court? Similar statutes apply to physicians and medical clinics.

If you get contacted directly by an attorney after an accident, hang up, call the sheriff’s department and report the conduct to the Florida Bar. Such conduct trivializes the plight of real and legitimate accident victims.