Suffering From Complications of Transvaginal Surgical Mesh?

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If you were treated for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) or pelvic organ prolapse (POP) with surgery and surgical mesh products, you may be suffering from complications for which medical device suppliers failed to warn the public.  These complications include pelvic or vaginal pain, pain during sexual intercourse, urinary problems, erosion of the mesh through the vagina, vaginal scarring, recurrence of SIU or POP, bleeding or vaginal discharge, or multiple surgeries to correct some of these complications.  As a result of these complications, the Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings regarding their use and many affected patients have filed lawsuits.

If you are suffering from complications of transvaginal surgical mesh, also called vaginal sling, vaginal patch or vaginal tape, you may be entitled to compensation from these medical device manufacturers.  For a confidential consultation regarding this sensitive topic, contact us.  Rest assured we will delicately discuss your situation and maintain all communication in the strictest confidence.