Teach Your Teen Driver Safety First

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Although only 6% of all drivers on the road are teenagers, the statistics are that they are involved in over 13% of all motor vehicle accidents.  So, parents, deal with it.  Your teen driver is at high risk due to immature judgment and inexperience.  What are you going to do?  Face the fact that your teen driver needs education, supervision and guidance.  Make sure your son or daughter takes driving courses.  Before you let your teenager drive solo, make sure they have gained enough experience in varying driving conditions with an adult in the car to have honed their safe driving skills.  Assure that your son or daughter has driven with adult supervision in rain, fog, at night etc.  Unless you are comfortable with your teen’s driving skills, don’t let them drive solo.  They should not drive alone in any conditions in which they have not driven with adult supervision.

Emphasize to your teen that distracted driving is unacceptable and high risk behavior.  That means when you are driving, you should be driving.  Period.  You should not be eating, putting on your makeup, wearing headphones, using a cell phone, or fiddling with your radio or cd player.  Obviously, emphasize that wearing a seatbelt is a must and that all drivers should always drive defensively, anticipating that other motorists may break the law and violate the right of way.  Drinking and driving is NEVER acceptable.  Don’t assume your teen doesn’t know it.  Teach your teenager with your own good driving habits, too.  They learn more by watching you than they do from anything you say.  Actions are louder than words when it comes to training your teenage driver to stay safe.

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