The Other Problem Of The Uninsured

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We hear a lot about folks with no health insurance, and it is a fact that many Americans can’t get affordable health insurance. Far more, however, CHOOSE not to buy automobile liability insurance to protect those they may hurt when they are careless and cause an accident. A resent study by the Insurance Research Council  found that approximately 23% of drivers in Florida are uninsured. At the time of the study, that was the fifth highest percentage of uninsured drivers in the nation. Even when drivers buy insurance, many don’t buy liability insurance to cover injuries they cause others. Florida law does not require family autos to carry liability insurance to cover injuries to others. Those drivers in Florida who do buy liability coverage often by minimal limits of $ 10,000, or # 25,000 or $ 50,000, woefully inadequate coverage to cover the exorbitant medical expenses and wage loss often caused by many serious injuries. This means that well over 25% of the drivers on the roads of Florida have enough liability insurance to compensate YOU if YOU OR A LOVED ONE is injured by their carelessness.

What can you do? BUY UNINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE! Uninsured motorist coverage takes the place of the liability coverage the at fault driver SHOULD have bought, or is in addition to the inadequate coverage they bought. You have to be proactive when buying your auto insurance coverage to protect yourself. In fact, Florida law requires auto insurance policies to provide uninsured motorist coverage unless you reject it in writing. Many agents shove the rejection forms under you nose and never really explain what you are signing. Don’t fall for that. Read what you are signing and do NOT reject UM coverage. It may be the best coverage you can buy for your automobile.