The Overlooked Product Liability Case

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When a friend or relative is injured seriously in a motor vehicle, motorcycle, on the job, or other accident, the first thing that monopolizes attention is making sure the proper medical care is obtained.  The next thing is making sure competent legal representation is obtained.  Choosing the attorney wisely can make the difference between your family being made whole and your family left in financial and emotional ruin.  This is because thorough attorneys have to analyze the accident closely, often putting the pieces of the case together like a puzzle, to identify all possibly legally responsible individuals or companies.  An often overlooked potentially responsible party is the manufacturer or seller of some product involved in the accident.

For example, in automobile accidents driver error is often blamed 100% for the accident when a defective component is partially responsible, e.g. bald tires that should have been replaced by a service technician, defective treads that separate causing an accident, inadequate roof structure, defective seat belts or airbags, and the like.  On the job, cherry picker accidents that may appear to be the result of operator error at first blush are often the result of poorly maintained or defective equipment.  A head injury caused in a motorcycle accident may have been avoidable but for a defective helmet.  Before you give up on your legal remedies when a serious accident happens, call the experienced product liability attorneys at Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter.  And call us first.  Preserving the product as material evidence and having it analyzed early is critical to your attorneys’ ability to get justice.