Tread Carefully: Tire Safety Key to Safe Driving

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June is National Tire Safety Month. Although many car accidents involving tire failure are caused by poor maintenance or running over an object in the road, manufacturers also play a role in ensuring that a car’s tires are safe enough to drive on.

From Firestone to Goodyear, a number of prominent manufacturers have become the subject of lawsuits in recent years for tire defects that resulted in serious injury and even death for drivers whose tires failed them while their vehicle was in motion. Some of the common causes of defective tire accidents include:

  • Blowouts
  • Tread separation
  • Manufacturing error
  • Unsafe design
  • Tire shredding

The best way to prevent an accident due to tire failure is to check tire pressure at least once a month, make sure your tires are filled to the PSI listed in the owner’s manual, and ensure the tread is in good condition. Also be aware of recalls issued by tire manufacturers, as this can alert you to prospective safety issues and prevent an accident before it occurs.

Companies that place greater importance on earnings over consumer safety need to be held accountable. At Colling Gilbert Wright & Carter, our Florida attorneys are proud to initiate product liability lawsuits on behalf of consumers victimized by corporate negligence.