Treatment for Burn Injuries

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The first week of February each year is Burn Awareness Week. In an effort to reduce the nearly 500,000 cases treated in hospitals and emergency rooms every year, groups like the American Burn Association use this week to raise awareness about burn injuries and how to prevent them.

Unfortunately, not all burn injuries are preventable. Careless people and defective products are often the cause of fires, explosions, and other events that can result in many forms of serious trauma, including burns.

The treatment required for a burn will depend on the cause and severity of the injury. Burn injuries are classified by degrees, and treatment commonly proceeds as follows:

  • First-degree: Can usually be treated at home with first aid, such as a cool compress and over-the-counter pain relief
  • Second-degree: Professional care needed if burn affects deeper layers of skin; medical personnel will prescribe painkillers and antibiotics, burn area will need to be dressed and monitored for signs of infection
  • Third-degree: Emergency treatment essential; patient will likely need IV fluids, surgical cleaning of the burn site, skin grafts, and other treatment

Depending on the location and severity of the burn, some victims might need long-term or even lifetime care to cope with the injury. Some patients require physical rehabilitation, assistive devices for mobility and breathing, reconstructive surgery to repair disfigurement, and other types of treatment.

Medical bills after sustaining serious burns can be extensive, and the impact on quality of life can be substantial. If you or a family member sustained serious burn injuries, our Orlando lawyers can pursue the compensation you deserve.

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