What Is Nursing Home Negligence?

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Earlier this month, the New Mexico attorney general filed suit against Preferred Care Partners Management Group, a company that operates private nursing homes in Florida and 10 other states. The lawsuit alleges that Preferred Care Partners hired insufficient staff, resulting in nursing home negligence.

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Nursing homes are responsible for upholding the level of care required by senior residents. Unfortunately, facilities can be understaffed and workers might not have the experience, training, or tools to perform their duties. According to the Associated Press, the New Mexico nursing home lawsuit claims that there were too few workers at Preferred Care Partners facilities to complete necessary tasks in a timely fashion – there were literally not enough hours in the day for the staff  members on hand to maintain an acceptable standard of care.

Even though a nursing home and its employees might not neglect residents out of malice, limited resources and the focus on the bottom line can lead to negligence that puts seniors in danger. Examples of nursing home negligence include:

  • Failure to serve regular meals
  • Failure to help residents maintain their personal hygiene
  • Failure to keep the grounds clean and safe
  • Failure to provide medication
  • Failure to respond to emergency calls
  • Ignoring or isolating residents

Nursing home abuse and neglect is grossly underreported. If the employees at the care facility aren’t looking after your loved one, you need to be an advocate. Be on the lookout for visible injury and changes in the family member’s personality, as well as disarray on the grounds.

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