What To Do Following An Auto Accident

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When you’re in an automobile accident, you can find yourself quite shaken mentally, as well as physically injured. It can be hard to focus and think about what your next move should be to protect yourself. Of course, the first thing to do is call 911 and check everyone involved for injuries and the need for any immediate life saving needs.Don’t leave the scene. It is often a crime to do so. Move your car if necessary for safety. Before you do that, photograph and document what you see. Most people have a cell phone with a camera not, so don’t forget to use it to photograph the locations of the vehicles before they’re moved, debris in the roadway, skid marks, and the persons on the scene. If possible, capture license plates in photographs. Jot down information if you have a pen and paper or a in an electronic memo on your telephone or other electronic device: names of witnesses, addresses, location of accident, etc. Jot down your version of what happened while it’s fresh on your mind, too, when you get the first opportunity. Don’t talk to much at the scene and by no means should you admit to any fault. Make a note of any acknowledgments of responsibility by others. Finally, contact your insurance company and report the accident promptly.