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Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do

Personal injury attorneys: despite all of the years of efforts by corporate spin-mongers and lobbyists to tarnish our name, personal injury attorneys play a crucial role in protecting the American way of life. People tend to recognize this when they are catastrophically injured, or lose a loved one, due to a defective product, a truck driver who has not slept for days, or a doctor’s surgical error. America’s founders enshrined the right of citizens to seek redress in the courts, when they are injured due to the negligence of another. In the past decade, many wealthy and powerful groups have attempted to convince Americans to throw away such rights. They usually do this by claiming the courts are clogged with “frivolous” lawsuits, or arguing that industries function more effectively when allowed to “police themselves”. The devastation of the American economy (by rampant fraud within the banking and mortgage industries) and the devastation of the Gulf of Mexico (by oil companies’ wanton dismissal of environmental concerns) are two of the most recent examples of what happens when corporations “police themselves”. And when it comes to frivolous lawsuits? The very idea is a red herring designed to misinform the public into supporting so-called “tort reform”. We have recently pointed out in this blog how swiftly meritless lawsuits are dismissed or withdrawn from the courts, and the nearly nonexistent impact such claims have on the alleged ”clogging” of our legal system.

In the face of such sustained, heavily-funded attacks on our profession, personal injury attorneys have continued to seek justice for individuals and families harmed by defective products or unsafe buildings, negligent healthcare providers, or insurance companies handling claims in bad faith. At Colling Gilbert Wright we are proud of our record, and proud of our reputation. We use our experience and expertise at litigation to seek justice for those who have been injured.

Unfortunately, some personal injury firms play into the negative stereotypes that corporate interests have spent so much effort and time to create. They do so by producing clownish advertisements, or by working with referral companies who use actors dressed up as police officers or doctors in their own barrage of advertising. At Colling Gilbert Wright, we spend our time and our money on litigating our clients’ cases, not on filling highways with our faces on  billboards, or on endless TV commercials. We get the majority of our clients referred to us by the satisfied clients we’ve represented successfully in the past, not by shady 1-800 numbers selling referrals to the highest bidder. Because we have practiced law with integrity and dedication for many years, our reputation remains one we can be proud of. Corporate defense attorneys and insurance companies don’t know our names and faces from the back of their phone books; they know us because we face them in court on behalf of our clients, and win. If you or a loved one are hurt and need to seek justice in the courts, don’t hire an advertiser. Hire a litigator.

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