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Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The aftermath of any type of collision or wreck can be traumatizing. Adrenaline kicks in after about three seconds, making it difficult for you to think clearly and take important precautions to protect yourself. Since motorcyclists lack the external protection of a regular vehicle, they are three times more vulnerable to serious injuries after a crash. Motorcycle accidents are often the most deadly.

Our lawyers understand how an auto accident can forever change your quality of life and you may have lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash. The resulting injuries and deaths come with a large financial burden along with physical and emotional pain. You’re entitled to compensation for your injuries or for the wrongful death of a family member.

Colling Gilbert Wright have fought for many victims and their families after serious motorcycle accidents. We can help you recover damages during this difficult time.

If you or a loved one has been severely injured in a motorcycle accident, please call our experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorneys today at (407) 712-7300 to schedule your FREE consultation. We represent seriously injured riders all over Florida including Orlando. 

Our clients often have many questions about motorcycle accident claims and the details surrounding them including:


The Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are small, and many auto and truck drivers fail to see a motorcyclist on the road. A majority of these accidents are caused by other drivers failing to give the rider the “right of way.” Some riders wear brightly colored jackets or helmets to help cars and other vehicles notice them on the roadways, but there are other common causes of motorcycle accidents including:

  • Rider safety. You can reduce your chance of being injured or killed in an accident by taking riding courses and following safety protocols such as wearing a helmet.
  • Turning vehicles. It’s common for riders to be cut off by other drivers as they make a left turn, which ends in an accident. This happens either because they failed to see the motorcycle or misjudged the speed.
  • Blind corners. Taking a turn too quickly can cause you to wipe out due to changing road conditions or unexpected vehicles.
  • Changing lanes. This causes a high amount of accidents because the vehicle in the lane next to you merges without warning or without seeing your bike.
  • Fender benders. Fenders benders are usually minor accidents when they involve two cars, but a fender bender with a motorcycle can lead to death or serious injury.

Common Motorcycle Injuries

According to motorcycle accident statistics, crashes that involve other vehicles have a 98 percent chance of causing injury to the motorcycle rider. Motorcycles don’t have the protection of an enclosure that other vehicles provide. This usually means that the injuries sustained by the motorcycle riders are more severe than those sustained by accidents involving two cars. Motorcycle accidents frequently involve brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, burns, bone fractures and amputations. Many of these injuries are difficult to recover from, and you may have lifelong disabilities from the accident.

A car doesn’t necessarily have to collide with a motorcycle in order for you to recover compensation. If a vehicle cuts you off causing you to veer off the road and crash, you may still be able to receive damages from the driver who caused your accident.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Your first priority after any kind of accident should be to seek medical attention, regardless of whether or not you appear to be seriously injured. Certain types of injuries – including traumatic brain injury and whiplash – often do not show symptoms until days or even weeks after an accident takes place. These injuries can be identified through medical examinations such as an MRI or CT Scan, but if left untreated, can lead to lifelong disability or death.

After you’ve been examined by a medical professional and your injuries have been treated, be sure to:

  • Gather contact information: Obtain the names, addresses, phone numbers, license information and insurance information of all drivers involved in the accident. Also collect the contact information of any witnesses at the scene.
  • Document the accident scene: Take photographs of the scene, including every vehicle involved in the collision, auto damage, injuries, road conditions and any other environmental factors that might have influenced the accident.
  • Consult with a motorcycle accident attorney: This step can significantly affect the outcome of your claim. When victims try to take matters into their own hands, they often miss important details or evidence that could positively impact their case. Our attorneys are prepared to negotiate with insurance companies to secure the full measure of compensation you deserve.

Potential Areas of Compensation

A severe motorcycle accident has an impact on many aspects of your life and your loved ones’ lives. There are far-reaching physical, emotional and financial implications in the aftermath of any auto accident. Motorcycle riders may be eligible to collect compensation in these areas and more:

  • Motorcycle repair or replacement
  • Lost wages
  • Indefinite loss of income
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Emotional suffering
  • Physical pain
  • Permanent disability

Additionally, if you’ve lost a loved one to a motorcycle accident, you may be able to recover damages for your pain and suffering and loss of household income. If you lost a spouse, child or parent, you may be able to receive reparations for the loss of companionship, guidance and support. It’s impossible to put a number on the death of a family member, but these damages can help you with funeral costs and financial woes while you grieve.

Basic Rights for Florida Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, some of your basic rights include:

  • A medical evaluation by a physician who specializes in motorcycle accident injuries.
  • Ongoing medical care for disabilities.
  • Compensation for medical expenses and property damage.
  • Reimbursement of lost income and lost earning capacity.
  • Damages for pain, suffering and emotional trauma.

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will vary depending on the severity of your injuries and the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Why You Need an Orlando Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As a motorcyclist, you have rights that other motorists do not have. Reconstructing the scene of your accident may also prove more difficult, since many motorcycle accidents are not caused by a direct collision at all; they are often the result of the reckless driving of another motorist.

The most complex part of any motorcycle accident claim involves presenting the supporting facts and evidence of your case to the at-fault party’s insurance claim adjuster. In order to be successful, this requires a thorough investigation of the accident and meticulous presentation on the part of the attorney, with no stone left unturned.

The insurance company involved may offer you an early settlement, which is likely well below what your actual expenses are and will be. Insurance adjusters are trained to reduce payouts for accident claims against their insurance company. We work with accident reconstruction experts so we can help you hold the insurance companies accountable. Having the skill and experience of our lawyers on your side will be invaluable when it comes to negotiating for the full value of your motorcycle accident claim.

We can handle the legal complexities of your claim from start to finish while you focus on making a full recovery from your injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

What Type(s) of Compensation Am I Entitled to After a Motorcycle Accident?

Each case is unique. The amount and type of compensation you are eligible for will depend upon the circumstances surrounding your motorcycle accident, including factors such as:

  • Your injuries and their severity
  • Whether or not you are employed
  • What type of job you have
  • Whether or not you are married

Generally, victims of personal injury are entitled to receive damages for medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, property damage, and more.

Is My Compensation Automatic?

Not every type of compensation listed above is automatically awarded. You must make a case for certain damages (such as medical bills and lost income) by proving the expenses you have incurred and will incur in the future.

I Wasn’t Wearing a Helmet When My Motorcycle Accident Occurred. Will This Affect My Case?

You can bring forward a claim even if you were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident; however, your failure to wear a helmet can influence the total amount of damages you receive. If wearing a helmet would not have made a difference in your injuries (for example, if your legs or spinal cord were injured), then it likely will not make a difference in your case.

Should I Accept the Amount the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Has Offered To Pay Me?

No. If you accept compensation from the other driver’s insurance, you may potentially release the other driver from his or her liability for your accident. The problem with any type of quick settlement is that it can take weeks – and in some cases, months – before the full extent of your injuries is clear. Additionally, many people are not certain when they will be able to return to work after their accident.

Why Choose Colling Gilbert Wright?

Our motorcycle accident lawyers at Colling Gilbert Wright have extensive experience with complicated vehicle injury cases. If you are badly hurt and unable to complete the essential steps necessary to protect your claim after an accident, it is all the more important that you contact our Florida law firm.

Adjusters and accident investigators for insurance companies in the Florida area know who we are. When companies face an attorney with a track record for winning large settlements, they are more likely to negotiate for a quick settlement on your terms, instead of risking the costs involved in a court trial.

Our attorneys have years of experience investigating and successfully pursuing a wide variety of motorcycle accident claims. With continuous recognition from defense lawyers, insurance companies and our peers in the legal community, we have a reputation as one of the top personal injury firms in Florida.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident in Florida, you can feel secure entrusting your claim to us. Contact our experienced lawyers today by calling (407) 712-7300 to schedule your FREE case evaluation. Colling Gilbert Wright serve clients throughout Florida including Orlando. 

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