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3 Tips for a Safer St. Patty’s

3 Tips for a Safer St. Patty’s

Tips for a Safer St. Patty's | Orlando Auto Accident AttorneysSt. Patrick’s Day is renowned for everything green including beer. It’s one of the most celebrated drinking festivities of the year, which means you should be ever so vigilant of your driving safety. There are dozens of deaths each year on this holiday caused by auto accidents. Our auto accident attorneys in Orlando want you to avoid drunk and buzzed driving by following these tips.

1. Have a Plan and a Back Up Plan

Whether you’re barhopping or going to a party, you should have several alternative plans to getting home. The most important thing to remember is to avoid driving after drinking any amount of alcohol. Designate a sober friend, and remember that just because you’re in a sober car doesn’t mean the other vehicles on the road have sober drivers behind the wheel. Watch for pedestrians and be aware of swerving vehicles. Don’t be the cause of an accident or the victim of drunk driving.

Have your Uber app or a cab company’s number handy, in case your friend or family member falls through. You don’t want to end up in a situation where you feel obligated to drive yourself home. Some cities and neighborhoods have ride programs to ensure everyone gets home safely on big holidays like St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Stay Hydrated and Eat Carb Heavy Foods

Alternating alcoholic beverages with water can not only save you from a head-splitting hangover the next day, but from making the poor decision of drunk driving. High levels of alcohol makes many people feel invincible and leads them to do things they normally wouldn’t. Eating carbohydrate loaded foods like pretzels and pizza can help your body soak up the alcohol. You could join in the merriment by putting a pretzel necklace together and mix fun with responsibility.

3. Use the Buddy System

It’s easy to get lost in Irish dancing and drinking. Stick together to ensure no one splits off to drive home or walks into a dangerous situation. Never leave your drinks unattended, having a St. Patty’s buddy will help both of you stay safe while still enjoying yourselves.

If you’re throwing the party, consider having guests drop their keys into a drawer or bowl for the duration of the party. That way they will have to speak with you before they are able to drive home. Hire a sober driver to guarantee no one drives home drunk, and let guests stay the night if they need time to sober up.

If you’ve been involved in a drunk driving auto accident call our Orlando auto accident attorneys at (407) 712-7300 today. The Florida Firm serves clients in Orlando, nationwide and all of Florida. 

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