Backover Accidents

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Every week in America about 50 children are backed over by motor vehicles. Of those, 48 are treated in emergency rooms and 2 die. Most of the drivers are related to them, such as parents, in which case the automobile liability coverage is often excluded from coverage. The primary cause of these accidents is blind zones in vehicles. Blind spots are larger in large vehicles like SUV’s. Backover accidents are preventable with awareness being the key:

  1. Know where your children are;
  2. Walk around the vehicle before you back up and leave;
  3. Teach children to be aware that parked vehicles are dangerous;
  4. Keep toys away from the driveway;
  5. Keep landscaping properly trimmed for visibility of pedestrians and drivers.

In addition, you can install after market devices to prevent backover accidents at little cost. Devices such as backup cameras and rear sensor systems can be cheaply installed in larger vehicles.

For more information on backover accidents and backover accident prevention, visit Kids And Cars, a safety advocacy group dedicated to raising awareness of backover accidents and accident prevention.