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Dangerous Prescription Drug Cases We Handle

Dangerous Prescription Drug Cases We Handle

dangerous prescription drug cases orlando florida attorneysAcross the U.S., millions of people use prescription drugs on a daily basis to help them manage their medical conditions. Whether it’s to regulate high blood pressure, deal with chronic pain, or to help with mental health, there are a plethora of medications that can be prescribed to you. While these drugs are the culmination of advancements in science and countless hours of research and development, they’re not without flaw and in many cases can harm more than help.

At Colling Gilbert Wright, our dangerous drug lawyers have extensive experience handling cases of prescription drugs that have injured someone because of a defect or inadequate testing. Prescription drugs also often have serious side-effects associated with them and it’s the responsibility of your doctor to prescribe you the correct medication for your condition as well as provide you with comprehensive instruction on how and when to use it.

Not every drug is dangerous and harmful when you take it for your condition. However, it’s important to know that there are certain prescription drugs on the market that have been known to cause serious side-effects, injury, and even death to those who take them. Some of the drug claims that our lawyers have represented include:

  • Xarelto: Used for stroke or blood clots but can increase risk of internal bleeding and death
  • Onglyza: Another type 2 diabetes drug but can increase risk of pancreatic cancer, heart failure, and death
  • Viagra: Used for erectile dysfunction but has caused hearing and vision problems, heart failure, skin cancer, and stroke
  • Pradaxa: Used as a blood thinner but can cause deadly hemorrhaging
  • Byetta and Januvia: Used to treat diabetes but have been linked to increased risks of pancreatic cancer and a possible link to thyroid cancer

The above is by no means an exhaustive list of dangerous drugs. Our attorneys have experience with a number of other prescription drugs that have harmed people instead of helped.

It’s important to contact an experienced dangerous drug attorney quickly after suffering an injury from a prescription drug. These cases can be complex because of the many parties that may be responsible for your injuries. Our goal is to hold the responsible party liable and pursue the maximum compensation you deserve to take care of any additional medical bills and rehabilitation you may need to recover. For example, liable parties for a dangerous drug may be:

  • The drug testing facility
  • The manufacturer
  • Your doctor
  • Your pharmacy
  • The hospital or clinic where you were treated
  • The pharmaceutical sales rep

If you or someone you love live in the Orlando, Florida area and were injured or worse because of a dangerous drug we can help. Please contact us by filling out the form on this page or by calling us at 407-712-7300 to schedule your free consultation. We represent our clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t get paid unless we reach a settlement.

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