Dishonest Doctors Corrupt Civil Justice System

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We see it everyday in our practice.  So called “independent” medical examinations are conducted under court rules upon our clients who are injured in accidents and thrust into litigation through no fault of their own.  Even though there is no reasonable explanation for their pain and suffering, other than the accident, these doctors raise their hands, take an oath to tell the truth, and tell courts and juries that there is nothing wrong with the victim, that the problems are from some other cause, like normal aging, or worse, imply the victim is faking altogether.  They then race to the bank to deposit the thousands of dollars they are paid each time they are hired to do this.  Many make millions of dollars a year just on these “independent” medical examinations and related testimony charges.

In the news today was perhaps the worst example of this abhorrent behavior we have seen.  After an ABC investigation, Johns Hopkins Medicine suspended a radiology service that the coal industry used to thwart efforts by ill coal miners from collecting benefits for black lung disease.  The radiologists would read x-rays favorably for the industry so as to deny miners suffering from occupational disorders from rightfully collecting benefits.  This radiology service did not find black lung disease in a single case of the 1,500 cases they reviewed since the year 2000.  Isn’t that a coincidence?  Senator Jay Rockefeller called the treatment of coal miners a “national disgrace”.

Unfortunately, we see similar treatment of innocent victims every single day in our practice.  Insurance companies pay exorbitant sums of money to doctors willing to sell their testimony to the highest bidder.  The way our clients are treated in courtrooms and at “independent” medical examinations is a “national disgrace” too.  So, we understand exactly how the coal miners feel and hope Senator Rockefeller and his colleagues put a stop to the corruption.